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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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CityVille is Zynga’s fastest growing popular flash game, surpassing by growth rate even Farmville, the most widely known online game. CityVille, as the name suggests (twice actually, given the fact that “ville” in French means city), allows you to create and manage your own town. As other games of this type, a major factor in this city-building simulation game is the interaction with your Facebook friends, the more you have the fastest you can upgrade as visiting your CityVille neighbors you get experience, money and energy.

The problem with these browser-based games is that after playing them for a while the player will get bored doing the same repeating tasks over and over. For instance on CityVille you have to click and click to perform tasks like: collecting from businesses and houses, planting and collecting goods, sending ships and collecting from them, supplying and collecting franchises, visiting your neighbors’ cities and many others.

This is where a bot is useful, because it automates some of these annoying tasks, giving you actually more time to develop the city (new buildings, roads, …). Of course that this means you’re cheating, and that if you get caught your account will be suspended from CityVille. If it’s worth the risk or not, you decide.

The CityVille bot is a cheating bot for CityVille that actually works. You install it (free of charge and viruses) and once you login in Facebook and visit the CityVille game page, it will download game parameters and you’ll be able to set it to perform certain tasks. To use CityVille bot you have to:

  • Download and install it (use the Download button above)
  • After it’s installed and you’ve opened it, login into Facebook
  • Once logged in Facebook (using the bot’s interface) click on Start
  • The bot will download game params and images, and you’ll be able to see at the top several tabs with options
  • Select what you want the bot to do and hit Start again

That’s it, you’ll see a log on the right side with what the bot is doing. When it finishes and you don’t want to use it anymore, close the window completely (otherwise it will start again after 30 minutes or so).

These are the plugins that CityVille bot has (meaning the bot will do the mentioned actions instead of you):

  • Building plugin. You will be able to, Collect rents, Collect business buildings, Make business buildings instant ready, Supply business buildings, Collect landmarks, Collect Municipal Buildings, Sends trains and handle trains, Send ships and handle ships.
  • Crop plugin. The bot can Plant Crops, Harvest Crops, Make plants instant grow, Clear wither crops
  • Multi plugin. With this you can change your city name, display which neighbors have empty business lots, accept daily franchise bonus, add items to wishlist, trade collections, use items from inventory
  • Neighbours plugin. This will let you accept work from neighbors and most important help neighbors by visiting them automatically
  • Wall plugin. This will allow you to generate and publish links to your Facebook wall (with goods, xp, energy, …)
  • Coins3 and 4 plugin. This will generate lot of cash for you, by automatically supplying and collecting from businesses (there were several previous coin plugins, such as unlimited coins, coins2, but those don’t work anymore).
  • Factory plugin. This will fill up your inventory with premium goods
  • Map plugin. You can see your city in 2D (map).
  • Wikia. This shows information about items and collections (how to obtain them).
  • Not working. As Cityville gets updated, some plugins will stop working which is the case for plugins such as: Energy, Unlimited Coins, Special Unreleased and Cash Item, Coins 2, Zoning Permit and Cash

As mentioned above, this bot does an excellent job at cheating in Cityville, so deserves the highest rating.

The CityVille Bot is a cheating tool for the CityVille Zynga game and contains modules for automation, coins boost and more. Additional features:

- Harvest and seed your crops

- Rent collecting

- Business management by collecting and supplying

- An exploit for unlimited coins

- Plugin integration and customization

System Requirements:

No special requirements

CityVille Bot  Free Download screenshot